Ford Escape Reviews 2016

The Ford Escape is Ford’s answer to Honda’s quite successful CR-V. The Escape is based on the same segment of cars that is the compact SUV. Stylish interiors, as well as quite athletic looks, distinguish the Escape quite well in the crowded market of the compact crossover. Unlike the other crossovers which rely on the luxury aspect, the Escape is a sportier alternative. With an optional turbocharged variant is pumping out 245 horsepower, it’s evident enough that the Ford Escape has the performance aspect is a priority. Crisp handling, as well as the strong and responsive power trains, is one of the pros of this car.
Ford Escape Reviews 2016 australia

Ford Escape Specification :-

• Vehicle Type : Small Sports Utility Vehicle
• Curb Weight : 3515 pounds
• Passenger capacity : 5
• Passenger door : 3
• Wheelbase : 105.9 inches
• Length overall : 178.1 inches
• Width max : 72.4 inches
• Height overall : 66.3 inches
• Ground Clearance : 7.9 inches
• Engine Type : Inline 4
• Engine displacement : 2.5 liter
• Power : 168 hp @ 6000 rpm (245 hp with turbocharging)
• Torque : 170 pound-feet @ 4500 rpm
• Fuel System : Port injection
• Transmission : 6-speed automatic
• Fuel Tank Capacity : 15.7 gallon
• Fuel Economy : 21 mpg (City) 29 mpg (Highway) 24 mpg (Combined)
• Drivetrain : Front wheel drive

Detail Reviews :-

Styling: The Escape looks a lot sportier both from outside as well as inside compared to its predecessors and its competitors. Escape offers most of the required facilities in an SUV. With air conditioning, cruise control, voice-controlled entertainment system, Bluetooth, etc.its quite sufficient for daily usage.
Performance: Escape’s design language results in its performance being completely different to the luxury aimed SUVs in its category. To begin with, the 2.5 litersin-linefour-cylinder engine is more tuned towards giving higher power. The Escape also has turbocharged variants which pump out 245 horsepower, which is quite impressive for a vehicle in this size and form factor. 0-60 miles per hour acceleration tests results in an impressive 7.1 seconds. The six-speed transmission is efficient enough to cope up with the acceleration demands of this vehicle. Also, the Ford Escape provides port fuel injection instead of direct injection like most of its competitors. Ford escape also has an optional four-wheel drive option which increases it’s off road capabilities. Crisp steering response and a good suspension system contribute towards its excellent handling experience as well as comfortable ride.

One of the major cons of this vehicle is the fuel economy. With just 21 miles per gallon in thecity, it is quite subpar when compared to its competitors. This reduction is fuel efficiency is because of the engine which is way peppier than its competitors. Well,sacrifice has to be made somewhere, and the Ford Escape does it in fuel economy.
The Ford Escape receives 4 stars out of 5 based on our reviews. The performance, the stylish looks, the interiors all contribute towards making Ford Escape a much better option than its competitors. The only con is the low fuel economy, but if you can look past it, then obviously the 2016 Ford Escape is the choice for your escape on the roads.