Honda CR-V Australia Specification

Honda CR-V may not be the fastest and the meanest machine, yet is one of the best sellers in this compact SUV market. This is owing to the fact that it belongs to the stable of Honda whose name itself instills a sense of reliability and competence. Honda CR-V is a luxury compact SUV, and that is what it is. It doesn’t pretend to be something else. It is a decent touring vehicle, as well as it can lug around 5 passengers comfortably. It’s inline four cylinder 2.4-liter engine gives around 185 horsepower and 181-pound feet of torque which is good enough for daily day to day usage. As well as its estimated 29 miles per gallon fuel economy won’t drill a hole in your pocket.

Honda CR-V Specifications:-

• Vehicle Type: Small Sports Utility Vehicle
• Curb Weight: 3358 pounds
• Passenger capacity: 5
• Passenger door: 3
• Wheelbase: 103.1 inches
• Length overall: 179.4 inches
• Width max : 71.6 inches
• Height overall: 64.7 inches
• Ground Clearance: 6.1 inches
• Engine Type: Inline 4
• Engine displacement: 2.4 liter
• Power : 185 hp @ 6400 rpm
• Torque : 181 pound-feet @ 3900 rpm
• Fuel System: Direct Injection
• Transmission: continuously variable transmission
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 15.3 gallon
• Fuel Economy: 26 mpg (City) 33 mpg (Highway) 29 mpg (Combined)
• Drivetrain: Front wheel drive

Detail Reviews:-

The CR-V is quite a handsome car. With its intuitive and refreshing exterior styling, it’s quite a looker. Its boxy design language and upright positioning are unique, at the same time the tapering at the rear adds an extra dimension. The chrome grills and accents are an addition from the previous year’s models. The interiors are quite spacious as well. Fitting five passengers comfortably is quite an easy task for the Honda CR-V.

The fuel efficiency of this car is quite impressive. With a relatively low powered engine, it can boast one of the greatest fuel efficiency in this category with an average of 29 miles per gallon.
If there is any con for this car, then it has to be the car’s overall performance. Its 2.4 liter inline 4 is just not powerful enough. With an engine churning out 185 horses and the car weighing greater than 3.5 thousand pounds, it’s a bit sluggish when it comes to quick acceleration and 0-60mph times.
Based on our reviews we would easily rate the Honda CR-V a 3.5 star out of 5. If we overlook the average engine performance, this car outshines in every other aspect. So for anyone who isn’t concerned about top speeds and speedy performance and is more concerned about the ride quality and the brand reliability then Honda CR-V is the car for them.