Lexus Lx 570:

Lexus Lx 570 is an excellent seven seated car with amazing features. These cars are elegant and are very smooth to drive. You have to pay $140,500 plus on-road costs for taking it home with you. This car is having luxurious looks with great qualities. In this car, seven persons at a time can sit very comfortably. It is available in seven colors gradient that is starlight black, white pearl, metallic silk, Classic Black, Mercury Gray, Titanium and deep blue. All these colors are very good and look beautiful on everyone and a road also. This car is having 270 kW of power and 530Nm of torque which helps you to drive smooth and fast. Lexus Lx 570This car is having automatic transmission which makes easy to drive for anyone comfortable and without any risks. It has all the safety features which you need for your safety on the road for any collision or accident. Its four-way camera gives you amazing view of each and every sight without moving your neck here and there. The 12.3-inch display in this SUV enables you to do anything with remote touch functions. Its lightning service is excellent in high fog when your eyes cannot look so far. Therefore, LED lights are to make it more visible. In this car second, row passengers are also taken care properly. They are provided with 11.6-inch high definition display which entertains them every time. This car treats them as sun blinds. The LSS+ that is Lexus Safety System Plus ensures your safety all the time. This safety feature involves safety cousins, Blind spot

monitor, lane departure warnings, etc. Which will never make you feel unsafe even under severe conditions? The inbuilt speakers make your cars like a DJ, which gives you excellent sound quality and base. You can increase or decrease the base with the help of buttons provide to you on the dashboard of the car.

This car is given to great interior which offers luxurious and smooth rides. The color combination is very fantastic to every color. You can change the color of your car’s interior if you don’t like the inbuilt colors of the car interior. When you open your car’s door with the smart key card, the interior will give you feeling of your home. All the comfort levels are unmatched and luxurious at the same time. Specially designed Self- Dimming rear vision mirror will give you an unmatched experience of driving at night. This mirror will automatically dim the light coming from back cars which will allow you to look back even in high beam headlights coming from back

following cars. The front center console gives you an experience of home even in long ways by giving you a tiny refrigerator in that console where you can keep your beverages. You can quickly register your Bluetooth with your mobile for getting undisturbed rides. This inbuilt Bluetooth gives you the view of your contacts on your screen for contacting them while riding. You can enjoy many features if you have smart phones, and you can get connected to them quickly and conveniently. This car comes with all the features that are required for the comfortable and luxurious rides. These features include leather accented interiors, from app suit which enables your phone to get connected with Lexus, Electric car brake and many other features which are required for a safe and comfortable ride. Not a single thing is missing in this car. This car is totally value for money car for a safe and convenient ride.