New Volvo XC90 Reviews

When it comes to Swedish car manufacturers, they don’t shout out their qualities loudly. Instead, they whisper them into your ears quietly. Volvo XC90 works on the same principles; it is a quiet, comfortable and capable luxury car. Volvo XC90 is quite a handsome and upright car that offers much more fuel efficiency and safety features than its rivals. The increase in efficiency is mainly owing to the fact that it has a lesser displacement engine. The 2.0 liter four cylinder engine provides enough fuel efficiency, at the same time both turbocharging and supercharging results in an amazing horsepower of 315 hp which is at par with its competitors. There is also a hybrid option which adds an 80 hp electric motor.New Volvo XC90 Reviews

New Volvo XC90 Specifications:-

• Vehicle Type: Luxury Sports Utility Vehicle
• Curb Weight: 4394 pounds
• Passenger capacity: 7
• Passenger door: 4
• Wheelbase: 117.5inches
• Length overall: 194.8 inches
• Width max: 79.1 inches
• Height overall: 69.9 inches
• Ground Clearance: 9.3 inches
• Engine Type: Turbocharged or Supercharger Inline 4
• Engine displacement : 2.0 liters
• Power : 316horsepower @ 5700 rpm
• Torque : 295 pound-feet @ 2200 rpm
• Fuel System: Gasoline Direct Injection
• Transmission: 8 Speed Automatic
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.8 gallon
• Fuel Economy: 20 mpg (city) 25 mpg (highway) 22 mpg (combined)
• Drivetrain: 4 wheel drive

Detail Reviews:-

The Volvo XC90 belongs to a culture which doesn’t believe in flashy exteriors or much detailing. Its true beauty lies in its simplicity. What the Volvo has managed is it made something as large as a seven seater look small. Volvo’s styling corresponds more to a rear wheel drive vehicle with shorter bumpers, yet it sports an all wheel drive train. Unlike its competitors, it has spacious and comfy interiors well capable of lunging around 7 people comfortably. The console takes its cues from BMW’s iDrive system with a circular knob controlling the interface.
Volvo has redefined the four-wheel drive system. With all its competitors boasting about their V6s and V8s, Volvo has a simple inline four cylinder, yet manages to deliver ample power and torque thanks to its refined transmission and turbocharging.

When it comes to safety, Volvo proves it once again that an SUV can be as safe as a car. The rollover and prevention system is quite unique in its own way. After scoring one of the highest scores in crash tests and having a collection of airbags, it’s easy to say that the passengers are quite safe in case of an accident.
Volvo scores the highest in this segment. The comfort of this vehicle is shared among all its passengers and not just the driver, unlike its competitors. Instead of relying on flashy interiors, its humble and soothing upholstery is quite pleasing.
The boxy design might not appeal to some people. It lacks that German edge that most people are a fan of. The hybrid option is quite expensive although it provides amazing fuel efficiency and extra horsepower. The four-cylinder engine at this price point can be a con for some people.


Based on our reviews the Volvo XC90 receives a solid 4 stars out of 5. If you are someone who can overlook the minor cons, then you are getting the best possible car for your money.